About Us

PA Care Partnership and Youth MOVE PA have joined together to create Mental Health Awareness 2020.

In creating this virtual event, we are focusing on the needs of youth and young adults. Speakers will talk about their lived experiences as young adults, family members, teachers, parents and more.

PA Care Partnership is providing resources related to systems of care for Pennsylvania. Youth MOVE PA will be providing a special online virtual drop in opportunity for youth.

Pennsylvania Care Partnership

PA Care Partnership

PA Care Partnership is a statewide System of Care cooperative agreement and one of many System of Care communities throughout the country working to bring youth leaders, family leaders, and system leaders together in equal partnership to integrate the child-serving systems.



Youth MOVE PA has started a youthquake for all young adults between the ages of 16 to 29 to be active powerful forces in their own social supports and to have a seat at the table of public policy as it relates to youth in Pennsylvania. As young adults, they represent, empower, and encourage their peers and allies to unite in educating and providing supports through advocacy in order to revolutionize the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.