Lloyd G. Wertz, M.S.

Lloyd Wertz

Vice-President for Policy and Program Development, FTAC

Work experience includes:

  • In the past ten years, experience as a Community Behavioral Health and Family Advocate primarily in the publicly-funded BH system and work toward developing a comprehensive set of Family Inclusion standards in the BH Community service setting.
  • Partial Hospital and Outpatient Therapist;
  • Direct service and Management of Vocational Rehabilitation setting, Emergency/Crisis Psychiatric Services;
  • Start-up and ongoing management of large CRR and Group Home Programs;
  • Start-up and ongoing management of Inpatient Acute Psychiatric Programs;
  • Start-up and ongoing management of large Personal Care Boarding Home/Assisted Living Facility;
  • Served as County MH/IDS Administrator in a medium-sized county program, including the Chairing of the Statewide Administrator Association’s Mental Health Committee.
  • Currently serving on the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, Office of Medical Assistance Programs’ Drug Utilization and Review Board and Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee.  

Life Experience includes:

Experienced, first hand, the trauma of having a family member, a parent, diagnosed with a serious mental illness and helping him work through the inpatient and outpatient systems in his eventually successful attempts to return to work following each episode of the illness.

Educational Background:  Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Clinical Psychology awarded in 1976 and 1982 respectively.