Kathy and Tristan

Tristan and Kathy
Speakers Tristan (left) and Kathy

Social Marketing and Trauma Engagement Coordinator, Youth MOVE PA (Tristan)
Executive Director, PMHCA (Kathy)

Kathy and Tristan are mother and daughter and have experienced many of their traumas together. At times they have struggled in their relationship, but they have found that they are truly each other’s strongest supporters. They have helped each other heal and grow, and consider themselves best friends.

Tristan is 25 years old and has struggled with anxiety most of her life up to now. She has experienced domestic violence, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse. Many other things have acted as barriers along the way.

Tristan works hard every day to be more comfortable with herself and the traumas she has endured. Self-care has been huge in her recovery journey. She gardens, crafts, and plays with her two dogs and cat in her spare time. She currently works at Youth MOVE PA and is a strong advocate for youth and young adult mental health.

Kathy is a 51-year-old mom who has experienced significant childhood and adult trauma as well as lifelong anxiety and depression. She is a suicide attempt survivor and is a recovering alcoholic who has been sober for 14 years.

Through the years, Kathy has turned to education as a means of recovery support. She received her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Penn State Harrisburg in 1998, her master’s degree in social work from Temple Harrisburg in 2005, and will be completing her Doctorate in Social Work in May of this year at Capella University. Kathy also uses art and reading as additional recovery tools.

Kathy has been a licensed social worker for nearly 14 years and is currently employed.

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